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Hurley Care &

The Butler Hurley helps players at the top of their game meet their full potential on the pitch.

Hurley Care & Maintenance 

During the summer months especially we see an increase in the number of hurleys given to us with cracks, splits and breakages. Here we will give you some simple & insightful tips on how to look after your hurley properly. Firstly
  • Do not leave your hurley lying under the sun for too long as this will dry out the moisture content of the timber
  • Before it was often stated to soak hurleys in a bucket of water over night to help prevent cracks. This only helps the timber to expand and soak up all the moisture. This is the opposite of leaving your hurley directly out in the sun, however the ash timber that is used to make hurleys is an absorbent material which means timber can be either too moist or too dry
  • The ideal moisture content of a hurley should be between 13% to 16%. All of our hurleys in our workshop are tested for moisture before they are dispatched.
Places to Store Your Hurley
  • Somewhere that is cool & well ventilated where the temperature won’t increase or decrease dramatically
  • A Utility room
  • Hallway
  • Press
  • Wardrobe
  Places to Not Store Your Hurley
  • The boot of a car
  • Next to a radiator or near the fireplace
  • Hot press
  • Outside in a damp shed or hay barn
Getting Used To A New Hurley
Here at Butlers Handcrafted Hurleys we recommend that a player should never use a new hurley straight away where possible. In an ideal scenario for the first couple of days just puck a sliotar in the garden. Never use a new sliotar straight away with a new hurley as this can lead to spits or cracks. By following these helpful tips hopefully you’ll get the best use out of your hurley.
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